Maternal Village Design

Maternal Village Hamilton is a concept developed for parents by parents who understand the importance of gentle support needed during pregnancy and the beginning stages of parenthood. We believe that when it comes to raising our own healthy families, it takes a village.

Reason We Started This Community:

Our main goal at MVH is to help prevent the feeling of loneliness and isolation of pregnant individuals in our community. We saw the need for our agency while being apart of Mom/Parent groups on Facebook. We saw many parents disclosing their concerns about the lack of support they will be having during their pregnancy and after their child is born. We at Maternal Village Hamilton would like to help parents build their support system by being someone they can rely on. We hope to provide emotional support to parents throughout the gestational period, beginning stages of parenthood, and continue to be a positive support for as long as its needed.

Due to COVID-19 many of our programming goals have been put on hold, but we are still trying to find ways to better support the pregnant individuals in the city of Hamilton.

Get in touch

You can contact us via Email or Facebook.

    Saunya Killman

    Program Director
    Any general inquiries about Maternal Village Hamilton, please contact Saunya