Our Fundraising and Program Goals

Ways you can help

  • Donating diapering items and books to our Diaper Club
  • Donating money directly to our agency. You can send e-transfers to Saunyakillman@MaternalVillageHamilton.ca
  • Sharing our website on your personal social media pages
  • You can run a fundraiser on our behalf. Download our Fundraiser Event Proposal here

  • Due to COVID-19 our only available support is our Online Emotional Support. We are unsure of when we will be able to begin implementing any of our other programming goals.

    Our potential program outline:

    Maternal Village Hamilton is hoping to provide two types of programs within our agency. The first type of programming will be an emotional support person. At anytime during an individual's pregnancy they can become a guest of our program. While a guest, they will be matched with an emotional support friend who can accompany them to doctor visits, blood work appointments, ultrasounds, and casual social visits. The second type of programming will be for extra care postpartum. After a guest gives birth, the program will offer in home support. Guests can have access to up to 12 consecutive weeks of extra support. Our planned supports would be once a week guests can have up to three frozen meals geared to the size of their families, up to two hours of child minding within their home where guests can choose to take time to themselves (naps, reading, long bath), and one hour of light housekeeping.

    Being a guest of either type of programming, a guest will have access to a drop-in style support group located at our office where they can also have access to a clothing closet and a food bank that has diaper care items, formula, and gift cards to local grocery stores.

    Request for Funding:

    Unfortunately, we cannot make this dream a reality on our own. We will need the support from our community and other generous donators. On top of our own fundraising efforts, we are turning to the support of those of you that are able to donate to grow our agency.

    The programming cost estimate is:

    We would like to be upfront with where your donations are going. We are looking to have two fundraising goals.

    Our first fundraising goal is to have $2500 for our initial start up. This will help pay for being a registered non-profit organization within Ontario, insurances, stock up our food bank, and begin minimal emotional support for pregnant individuals. Our monthly ongoing fundraising goal to continue with this programming is $745.

    The second estimated goal is up to $205,000 dollars for a year of programming. A break down of the costs this funding would provide for is:

    1. Postpartum Programming Costs: $1404 per person. $70,200 for up to 50 people.
      • 2 hours of childminding from qualified caregivers.
      • 3 pre-made frozen meals based on family size (limit of 6 people).
      • 1 hour of light housekeeping.
    2. $9000 to continue emotional support programming.
    3. $42,000 to cover rent and utilities for a community drop in space. This space will be used for daily administrative and programming duties and be a place for families to come together to socialize and build community relationships.
    4. $84,000 for up to four staff getting paid a cost of living wage.

    We will have continued updates listed on our webpage and Facebook group.